Tattoo Removal Hertfordshire

Tattoo Removal Hertfordshire

We are a local beauty therapist centre, offering great value Tattoo removal Hertfordshire. As we are based in Ware our offices are an ideal location for those seeking Tattoo removal Hertfordshire.

The use of light as a medical treatment for Tattoo removal Hertfordshire, has grown significantly in recent years. There are now a number of devices, which can deliver different types of light, for an ever-increasing array of new cosmetic uses.

Laser tattoo removal history

tattoo removal hertfordshireThe use of laser light for medical procedures began in the 1960s, when they were first used in operations as cutting tools by some surgeons. Laser technology has developed over the last few decades to treat patients with a variety of different skin problems. This including the effects of sun damage, removal of body hair and tattoo inks, and recently the treatment of psoriasis and acne as well as Tattoo removal Hertfordshire.

Many people decide to get tattoos, often when they are young and impetuous, and can then go on to regret the decision later in life, especially where the tattoo features a name or symbol which they later do not want to be associated with, and which can result in psychological distress. All of this can, at worst, impact on their quality of life with regards to friends and family, or the progression of their career.

Reasons for Tattoo Removal

The End of a Relationship

Many couples choose to demonstrate their love by having a partners name tattooed somewhere on their body. If the relationship ends, it is often necessary to have Tattoo removal Hertfordshire.

A Change of Lifestyle or Maturity

Many tattoos are done when we are young or when youthful passion for sports teams or causes dictates. These can be regretted later in life in turn requiring Tattoo removal Hertfordshire.


Tattoos are sometimes placed in conspicuous places and are highly visible to the world. These tattoos can become detrimental to career advancement and prospects in certain industries.

Quality Issues

All tattoo artists are not created equal and some may do a shoddy job, leaving an ugly image that might be very visible. Even if the image is hidden a person with an ugly tattoo may want Tattoo removal Hertfordshire.

Drunken Mistakes

It still happens, some people make the decision to get a tattoo when they are not of ‘sound mind’, either on holiday and under the influence of alcohol or under pressure from friends. These actions are all too often regretted later, then Tattoo removal Hertfordshire is needed.

Wedding Plans

Revealing gowns chosen for the big day can necessitate the removal of visible tattoos, many of which are on upper arms, shoulders or décolleté.

tattoo removal hertfordshireWhy choose laser tattoo removal?

The removal of tattoos using lasers has been carried out for approximately 20 years, and has become more widespread since the mid-1990s.

Professional tattoos are those where the inks are injected deep into the lower layer of the skin or dermis. They become surrounded by a network of collagen fibres that effectively lock them away, making removal without damaging the rest of the tissues in the skin quite difficult.

Other ways of Tattoo removal Hertfordshire, have relied on more extreme methods. These include; surgical excision and skin grafting, dermabrasion or chemical removal through salts and acid tattooing. All these carry significant risks of damage to the surrounding tissue, and which often result in scarring. Also, these may not remove all the tattoo pigment, thus providing disappointing results.

The use of certain lasers, which do not damage surrounding skin and which can, with multiple treatment sessions, produce good results, have become the preferred method for tattoo removal treatment.

If you are considering Laser treatment for tattoo removal, the following information will give you a basic understanding about what’s involved. It can’t answer all your questions, since a lot depends on the individual patient and the practitioner. Please ask a practitioner at BODY MATTERS about anything you don’t understand.

What are Lasers and how can they Remove Tattoos?

A laser produces a high energy beam of light that can precisely transfer energy into certain targets within the skin. The beam of light is produced in one wavelength (or colour) which will be preferentially absorbed by certain tattoo pigments.

The key requirement for a laser to remove tattoos is for it to be Q-switched. This means that the energy is delivered in a particular way, (very short pulse-durations which ‘crack’ the tattoo pigment particles), that is effectively absorbed by tattoo pigment.

Lasers that are not Q-switched will not be effective on tattoos and Intense Pulsed Lights (IPLs) will also be ineffective, delivering energy that is not effectively absorbed by tattoo pigment and which may damage surrounding skin.

The most commonly used Q-switched lasers are Ruby (694nm) and Nd:YAG (532nm and 1064nm) lasers, although Q-switched Alexandrite (733nm) lasers are also available. Nd:YAG lasers can be made to produce two different wavelengths (colours) and so there are four potential wavelengths with which to target the entire range of tattoo pigments. This is the Laser we use at BODY MATTERS.



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