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Many people decide to get tattoos, often when they are young and impetuous, and can then go on to regret the decision later in life, especially where the tattoo features a name or symbol which they later do not want to be associated with.

Depending on the size and colour of the tattoo, the number of treatments will vary. The tattoo will fade after each session and the number of sessions required will depend on the desired outcome. Whether the goal is a cover up, or complete fading, there may need to be up to 10 tattoo removal sessions.

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Nd:YAG lasers can be made to produce two different wavelengths (colours) and so there are four potential wavelengths with which to target the entire range of tattoo pigments. This is the Laser we use at BODY MATTERS.

A free consultation is necessary, during which time our trained professional will evaluate the personal situation and advise on the details of the process. Prices for tattoo removal will depend on the size of the area to be treated.

The voucher cost has been based on one treatment for a small tattoo, multiple vouchers can be purchased to cover larger tattoos or more treatments. Course prices are available at a 20% reduction.


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