There are many forms of massage therapy treatment all offering manipulation of tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) to improve mental and physical health. Body Matters therapists are fully qualified and insured to provide many of these modalities in relaxed and friendly surroundings. A regular massage therapy treatment can offer improvement to the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid in the body, reducing muscular tension, stimulating the immune system and enhancing tissue healing. Mood is also improved as the brain releases endorphins during massage, increasing natural mood enhancing levels in the body. Cortisol levels (stress hormone) are reduced making the beneficial effects of massage much more than just physical. Reduction of stress and anxiety, pain from tight or knotted muscles, promotion of general health and wellbeing, improved sleep, all can be achieved with regular treatment. Regular massage can not only improve psychological wellbeing but also boost physical energy levels, reduce blood pressure and improve circulation.
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Deep Tissue Massage

Generally the most recognised form of massage is Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. Using hands, thumbs and arms the therapist applies firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deep muscle layers and connective tissues. A light oil medium is used to facilitate movement across the skin and techniques are used to breakdown adhesions within the muscle fibres which cause pain and inflammation, restricting the motion of the muscles and joints. A regular Deep Tissue experience is perfect for relieving pain, aiding recovery from minor injury, increasing mobility and alleviating the symptoms of stress. Following treatment it is always important to drink plenty of water. This will help to flush away the toxins and lactic acid that have been released from the treated muscles.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is therapeutic massage using a blend of natural, highly concentrated plant oils. During your experience these essential oils are inhaled and absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, resulting in a long lasting effect on the body. The treatments are deeply relaxing and will leave you with a feeling of enhanced well-being. Each individual oil has beneficial properties, for example: Chamomile, Geranium and Lavender are calming, Ylang-Ylang, Clary Sage, Rose and Neroli are uplifting, Rosemary is energising. The desired therapeutic effect can be achieved by blending oils together in a carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond or Grapeseed, and massaging using established Swedish massage techniques. Benefits are derived from the combination of oils used as well as from the physical massage. Regular aromatherapy massage treatments are recommended to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, menstrual cramps and menopause and can be useful in the treatment of insomnia, digestive problems and eczema. Aromatherapy massage is not advisable during pregnancy, while breast feeding or for anyone with kidney problems.

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Elemis Deep Scalp Massage

It’s well established that when we are stressed a great deal of the tension we feel is concentrated in the scalp and neck resulting in headaches and muscle pain. An excellent treatment for this kind of problem is a relaxing scalp massage. Originally part of the Elemis Facial routine, Body Matters therapists can offer a ‘stand-alone’ scalp treatment, which concentrates massage and acupressure point techniques on the scalp to relieve tension and increase blood flow and circulation. Beneficial to the whole body in terms of stress relief, the increased circulatory effects on the scalp also promotes healthy hair growth.

Hot Stone Massage

A Hot Stone Massage combines the relaxation of Swedish massage techniques with the added, muscle relaxing properties of heat. Smooth basalt stones, with their heat retaining properties, are warmed in a water filled tank and then held by the massage therapist during this deeply relaxing treatment. A blend of essential oils is used to add another dimension to the treatment, stress and tension are eased away leaving behind a feeling of well-being and contentment. A 45 minute treatment concentrates on the back and back of the legs, or book a 75 minute therapy for the whole body.

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Thai Style Massage Therapy

Traditional Thai Massage normally combines acupressure, assisted yoga postures and Indian Ayurvedic principles. The treatment is usually performed on the floor and can be quite rigorous so Body Matters has cherry picked all the best aspects of this ancient art, adapted it and combined it with classic massage techniques to offer an hour and a half of complete relaxation. The treatment begins with a rebalancing foot massage, followed by deep tissue massage and gentle stretching movements. Our unique blend of essential oils and creams adds to the experience as negative energy is released and balance is restored to mind and body.

G5 Massage

G5 is a mechanical massager that penetrates much deeper than a therapist can. The massager head is driven to turn in gyratory motions as well as up and down and side to side. When it is applied with pressure a deep penetrating massage is achieved. G5 is excellent for toning the skin, increasing circulation and helping in the break-down of fatty deposits and cellulite. Cellulite forms in the layer of fat closest to the skin. It presents as a puckering of the skin when fat cells expand and cause the collagen fibres around them to bend. Effective on problem areas like thighs and buttocks, a course of G5 treatment can have amazing skin smoothing results. Why not combine it with UNIVERSAL CONTOUR WRAP’s inch loss treatment.

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Gift Vouchers

A treatment gift voucher makes a perfect gift for anyone. Either give a monetary value and let the recipient choose a treatment themselves, buy a specific treatment or package a few treatments together for an extra special treat. Our Gift Vouchers start from as little as £26.00 and can be used at any time within 6 months of purchase. They can be purchased in store or online from our website store which accepts paypal payments. A voucher for more than one treatment does not have to be used in one appointment. For example, why not buy a loved one a luxurious massage, facial and manicure or pedicure, providing pampering for many months.

Therapist Near Me

Body Matters has been providing a complete range of therapy services in Ware and the surrounding area for nearly 30 years. We are the foremost Beauty clinic in East Hertfordshire and are within easy reach for customers travelling from Hoddesdon, Hertford, Standon, Roydon and Broxbourne. The quality of service is so high that our clients travel from much farther afield, Harlow, Epping, Cheshunt, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage and Bishop’s Stortford. Transport links are excellent; Ware sits just off the A10 with its direct link to the M25 and there is a pay and the local railway station is part of the Greater Anglia network.

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Local Therapist

Body Matters is situated on the main high street in Ware with easy access to local bus services and Ware railway station. There is a pay & display car park within 200 yards making it the perfect location to get your regular appointment with your local massage therapist. Body Matters provides high quality, holistic therapies in a haven of tranquillity right on your local High Street. No need for expensive spa visits out of the area, local therapists at Body Matters can take care of all your aches, pains and stress just around the corner from your home.