Hot Wax Hair RemovalAre you considering hot wax hair removal?

At Body Matters we offer treatments for temporary hair removal (waxing) and more permanent methods of treatment (electrolysis and IPL Laser).

Why is Hot Wax Hair Removal right for you?

Unlike warm wax, an oil is applied to the skin prior to the application of the hot wax. The wax is then left to cool after which it is gripped at the edge and removed without using a strip.

This method involves the wax adhering to the hair while the oil prevents adhesion to the skin resulting in a less painful treatment with less trauma to the skin. Having said this, the HOT WAX method is not practical for larger areas, such as legs, arms and back or chest as it takes so much longer to perform and it is not as accurate when dealing with eyebrows. It is, however, better for other body areas like under arms and bikini lines (especially Brazilian and Hollywood waxing) and for facial waxing.

How to prepare for your Hot Wax session

The night before your waxing appointment it is a good idea to gently exfoliate the area and aftercare is important; for the first 24 hours following your waxing treatment don’t exercise, don’t have any heat treatments (sauna, steam room, hot bath), don’t expose the skin to the sun or apply any products to the skin, basically it’s important to minimise the chances of irritation and infection while the follicles return to their natural state. There are some contra indications to treatment: medications that cause blood thinning or skin sensitisation, skin conditions like eczema, cold sores and varicose veins, recent surgery, sun burn or treatment (laser, skin peel, microdermabrasion).

You may also be interested in Waxing, Electrolysis or IPL If so then please get in touch.